list of transitional words

It is always advisable to have a list of transition words for essays with you at the time of writing the essays. There can be a time while writing the essay when a writer may feel to write any things but could no do so because of the unavailability of words. In such cases, these transitional words will not only help him to continue with the writing but at the same time, the flow of essay will also be maintained.

Apart from that, they can also help the reader to understand the connection between the writing of a writer and his thoughts. Although, there are various situations in which these words can be used but some of the important ones are as follows:

Similarity: There are times, when the writer needs to use the transitional words, so as to indicate the similarity between two clauses, phrases or even amongst the arguments. The words which can be used in this situation are again, also, besides and many more. If one gives a deep look to these words then more or less they have similar meanings but hence importance will come into play at the time of using them in different situations.

Contradiction: Now, it is not possible that a writer would like all the topics and he or she may write in favor of a topic all the time. There can be a situation in which the writer would love to go against the topic. In such cases, the transitional words for the contradiction are used. Although, even though, in comparison, nevertheless, yet are some of the words which can be used to depict the contradiction.

Consequences: It is essential for a writer to use the right type of transitional words at the right time so as to maintain the flow of an essay and to raise an eagerness in the reader to continue reading. The transitional words for the consequences are generally written in the conclusion or the summary of an essay. The conclusion of an essay is nothing but a brief of all the points which have been mentioned in the body of an essay by the writer. The transitional words and phrases list which can be used here are as a result, because, so and many more.

Now, if there are so much of advantages of using the transitional words, then there are some disadvantages of using these words as well which cannot be neglected. These words should be used typically when the writer thinks it is important. Try to avoid using too many of these words, otherwise, it will make the whole essay and it is possible that the reader may get upset with it.

An experienced writer would be aware of the fact that although, these words help in connecting two sentences of the paragraph, but at the same time, it makes it more complicated too. However, there are no limitations for using the transitional words, they can be used within a sentence or even within a paragraph, but still it is preferred not to use them in a large quantity.

These words should be used in such a quantity that it does not raise the complexity of essay. Also, these words should be used in the middle or towards the end of an essay and not in the beginning. These are some of the tips which can make your essay an interesting one.