Transition Words Worksheet


Transition words worksheets are essential tools to help students understand the proper usage of transition words and phrases. Learning how to identify, compare, observe, and apply what they have learned about transition words can make better writers out of students and budding writers. As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’ so it is with learning how to use transition words in essay writing and the worksheets are the perfect tools to sharpen your skills in using transition words.

The ideal transition words worksheet must start with exercises or activities designed to identify transition verbs as used in actual sentences and paragraphs. This should be followed by exercises where students will have to find and match the appropriate word to sentences in a paragraph with a missing transition words. Further activities involve identifying the purpose or the relationship indicated by a particular transition word. A final activity may involve actual writing of sentences that uses transition words.

A typical ideal worksheet will have the following parts and sample questions:

  1. PART 1: Locating and Identifying Transition Words:
  2. Directions: Prepare and print a short story or any literary composition. Instruct the students to read every sentence therein carefully and encircle every transition word they come across. Better still, prepare a series of numbered sentences and ask the students to circle or underline the transition word in each.

  3. PART 2: Learning to Use the Proper Transition Words
  4. Directions: Prepare a paragraph or two where the transition words have been left out. List these different transition words or phrases below the paragraph and ask the students to choose the appropriate transition words and write them on the proper places in the paragraphs.

  5. PART 3: Learning and Identifying the purpose and/or relationship indicated by transition words
  6. Directions: Prepare a series of multiple choice questions related to the purpose of or the relationship indicated by transition words. You will find an example of this below:

    Which transition word indicates adding information?

    • a) Over
    • b) Earlier
    • c) In addition
  7. PART 4: Learning to write statements with transition words.
  8. Directions: Prepare a series of instructions asking students to write particular statements then writing another statement with a transition word as specifically called for in the given instructions.

If preparing transition words worksheets is too cumbersome for you, there are various online sources that provide downloadable and printable worksheets which you can use for free. The best part is you will also find transition words worksheets that suits specific learning levels. They come in various formats yet serve the same purpose of making learners familiar with transition words and their usage. There are even online transition word games where you drag and drop the words into the category or purpose for which they are used.


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